Indie Limelight Author of the Day/Cover Reveal–Keeping Merminia by Emm Cole

Cover Host is pleased to put author Emm Cole in the Limelight and reveal the cover of her new, Paranormal Romance/Fantasy follow-up novel to Merminia, KEEPING MERMINIA.


Click the cover for “Buy” link

As the very existence of magic is threatened, Selinne and Ulric are fighting to hold onto the things they love. And while Ulric sets out to conquer, many are riding for him in vengeance. With a final battle brewing between Humans and Enchanteds, Ulric and Selinne are about to find out how much they both stand to lose. 


Emm Cole lives with her husband and two spunky children. When she is not writing, she is highlighting favorite passages in books. She also enjoys thought-provoking art and is an admitted TV drama series junkie.

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