Our One Month Anniversary

Cover Host Ad

Welcome to Cover Host’s Anniversary Celebration!

Cover Host is honored to be a part of the WordPress blog community. Since the launch on September 12, 2013, the reception from followers and authors is well appreciated and pleasantly surprising. The sudden take off was unexpected, the requests continue to pour in and there are no words for the gratitude felt.

May Cover Host continue to thrive, promoting and celebrating indie authors and their hard work.

Let the celebration begin!

It’s only fitting to kick off the celebration with the people who make amazing book covers happen. We’re going to start with some Cover Love featuring cover artist
Donna Collier of  photo                                                                                  


Donna Collier is a wife, mother, grandmother, camper and animal lover living in beautiful southern Michigan with her husband of 30 years. Her love of graphic art started when she worked designing websites. After 8 years of that she decided to do her favorite part of computer design…..photo art. That is what has brought her to E-Book Cover Design.

Here are a couple do-over selections that she shared for the event. These covers are revamped before and after images.


Click the “After” covers for blurb/”Buy” links


                           71dv4OjcWZL._SL1000_       Condition Unknown1                         


The Guide - old coverThe Guide4

Here’s one more:


canstockphoto6300803     Cover Host Ad

Image from http://www.canstockphoto.com/
Gifted greeting to Cover Host by DLC Designs

Text on an image might seem small, but I couldn’t do it, so Cover Host thanks you for the gift, Donna.

For more info and to view Donna’s cover portfolio go tohttp://dcoll1.wix.com/dlcdesigns


2 thoughts on “Our One Month Anniversary

  1. Congrats on the new blog – I love the concept of Cover Reveals and now there’s a place to celebrate them:) And, Donna Collier definitely has natural talent…she has an eye and the know-how ability to make covers, banners, websites look incredible AND, she does make it seem easy…but I know it isn’t. She’s done a few things for me…and I highly recommend her…she’s amazing to work with also…which helps greatly when deciding what works and what doesn’t:) Hugs, Donna:)

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