Blood Suckers Weekend

“There was a deliberate voluptuousness that was both thrilling and repulsive.
And as she arched her neck she actually licked her lips like an animal till I could see in the moonlight the moisture
Then lapped the white, sharp teeth.
Lower and lower went her head. I closed my eyes in a languorous ecstasy and waited. ”
~ Bram Stoker, Dracula

Welcome to Cover Host’s Blood Suckers Weekend! Check out some of these illustration and cover art from 18th century vampire lore. Scroll down further to check out some modern-day covers of indie vampire-themed books. 


Click on the image for interesting history!

Vampyre_title_page_1819    1819   
378px-Varney_the_Vampire    1847   800px-Carmilla   1872 

Dracula1st   1897   476px-Dracamer99   1899 

Cover Art on Modern-Indie Vampire-Themed Books

Click covers for blurbs/”Buy” link

81hKg95onlL._SL1500_      91emRsDfueL._SL1500_


81hZekG6B0L._SL1500_      71HkS5Z8huL._SL1500_     81eKd0FmIeL._SL1500_



4 thoughts on “Blood Suckers Weekend

  1. Thank you for selecting Vampire Wives Tales – The Driver cover for an example of current art work. Douglas R. Werner

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