Cover Chat with the author of Seed of Evil

Welcome to Cover Host’s “Cover Chat” session! Today we’ll find out where the inspiration for author Robert Friedrich’s new sci-fi/horror release comes from, as he shares his thoughts behind the cover for Seed of Evil.

Where did the inspiration for your cover come from?

Originally, the main idea looked completely different, but I was not happy with it. I wanted a cover that literally showed it went through hell. After a few tryouts and design changes, I found the right angle and followed it until the finished product that you see right now.


What was the process like choosing the perfect cover for your book?
Somewhat Difficult

More about the process?
What can I tell you, I design all of my covers myself. It’s almost an obsession with me, to create that perfect cover for what I write. This one I am particularly proud off.

What catches your eye when purchasing books?
An interesting, intriguing design that jumps right into the eye and also clearly shows you who the book is by before reading the title and the author’s name.

Is your cover what you envisioned or better than you hoped it would be?
This one is really better. I surprised myself.

We hope you enjoyed author Robert Friedrich’s “Cover Chat” today.

Special thanks to Robert Friedrich for sharing his cover inspiration and the process for Seed of Evil.  

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