Cover Chat with the author of the Legends of Windemere Series

Welcome to Cover Host’s “Cover Chat” session! Today we’ll learn about the inspiration and process for Family of the Tri-Rune, book four from the Legends of Windemere series by author Charles E. Yallowitz.

Where did the inspiration for your cover come from?
The inspiration for this cover is the debuting character, Timoran Wrath. He is a barbarian, but is a wise and philosophical warrior instead of the large, stupid berserker. Jason, who does my cover art, was trying to capture that thoughtful nature while retaining the physical description. With this cover, Jason was ‘goofing off’ and made a preliminary sketch that worked perfectly for what was planned.


What was the process like choosing the perfect cover for your book?

More about the process?
Since Jason lives in California and I live in New York, all of our communication is through email. I send him a detailed description and background for the character chosen for the cover. He sends back questions that are geared toward what he’s thinking of. After that, I get a sketch to give me an idea of what the final cover will look like. The next time I hear from Jason is usually with the nearly finished product or the completely finished product depending on how quickly progress is made. I don’t know about his exact thought process on creating it.

What catches your eye when purchasing books?
I am one of those readers who is drawn to a cover before anything else. I read a lot of fantasy, so I like it when a cover shows what the book will be about. Even if it’s a teaser scene or a character, a visual gives me a feel for what I would be getting into with the actual story. For example, a dark setting cover gives me the sense that it will be a mysterious, shadowy story while a bright setting cover makes me think it’s a more lighthearted read. For someone whose mood denotes how much he’ll enjoy a certain book, it’s good to have those clues.

More about your cover?
Unlike the three previous covers, this one has a change in the title and author name. Volumes 1-3 have borders where this information has been put. Family of the Tri-Rune has them in the picture. Timoran’s head being over part of the series title gives it a layered look, which I think is very eye-catching.

Is your cover what you envisioned or better than you hoped it would be?
It’s definitely better than I hoped for, but I’ve learned that it always happens that way. The overall look is amazing compared to the simple image I had in my head. It makes me excited about the next one that Jason creates.

Special thanks to author Charles E. Yallowitz for sharing the inspiration and process for the cover of Family of the Tri-Rune in his Legends of Windemere series.

We hope you enjoyed this session of “Cover Chat” today.



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