Celebrating Cover Host’s One Year Anniversary

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We’re celebrating our one year anniversary! 

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Indie Limelight Author of the Day/Cover Reveal–Legends of Windemere: The Compass Key by Charles E. Yallowitz

“After all, you would still be wandering Visindor Forest looking for an adventure if it wasn’t for me.” ~ Charles E. Yallowitz, Legends of Windemere: The Compass Key

Cover Host is pleased to put author Charles E. Yallowitz in the Limelight and reveal the cover of book five THE COMPASS KEY, the new fantasy release from his Legends of Windemere series.


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Swords will clash and spells will fly in the newest adventure of young warrior Luke Callindor, Nyx the magic-flinging caster, and their friends.

With Sari captured by their enemies, the champions of Windemere are determined to get her back and destroy the Lich’s castle. Little do they realize, their battles in the Caster Swamp are only the beginning of this adventure. Trinity and her Chaos Elves have invaded the city of Gaia in search of a relic called the Compass Key. Rumored to be the key to rescuing Sari from a magical island, our heroes are in a race to find the mysterious artifact.

Which side will claim the Compass Key? And, what will our heroes do when they’re faced with an enemy whose evil power overshadows anything they have ever faced?

Genre: High Fantasy

charles-author-photo-bw Charles Yallowitz was born and raised on Long Island, NY, but he has spent most of his life wandering his own imagination in a blissful haze. Occasionally, he would return from this world for the necessities such as food, showers, and Saturday morning cartoons. One day he returned from his imagination and decided he would share his stories with the world. After his wife decided that she was tired of hearing the same stories repeatedly, she convinced him that it would make more sense to follow his dream of being a fantasy author. So, locked within the house under orders to shut up and get to work, Charles brings you Legends of Windemere. He looks forward to sharing all of his stories with you and his wife is happy he finally has someone else to play with.

Website: www.legendsofwindemere.com

Indie Limelight Author of the Day/Cover Reveal — Wings of Emotions — Volume II by Euphonos

“The mirth of soul dragging you towards the edge surrounded by lies,
 The waves of emotions sweeping you away from the garden of memories…”
~ Euphonos, Wings of Emotions Volume II

Cover Host is pleased to put author Euphonos in the Limelight and reveal the cover of her upcoming book of poetry WINGS OF EMOTIONS — VOLUME II.

Releases: August 14, 2014


What lies beyond the poet’s mind?
A chance of unknown fate, Poems that speaks one’s life,
regrets that come uninvited while living a wonderful imperfect life with a sense of happiness and wishful ways to spend rest of our lives is what it is all about the second volume.
A profound testament to unconditional love, loss and hope, this free flowing verse paints a picture of the first breathless moments of new love to the heartache of letting go. Each word is a swath of elegance and grace that will linger in the halls of your memory for years to come.

Genre: Poetry

I am an avid reader, blogger and author of “Wings of Emotions & Pieces of Time”. Growing up reading classics has always fascinated my belief in fairy tales. Also, I always had the flair for writing when I was a kid. I am an Engineer by profession. But, there is a born writer within me who has great passion to pen what I believe in.

I live in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, a very happening place; Yet, I am one of those who enjoys sitting at home in my pajamas and watching television. I love living my life the way it is and for who I am and have no regrets. Now, don’t fall for that!!! I do have regrets. Nevertheless, the curiosity to live my life and wish for something miraculous has never left me peaceful. Also, you will always find me with a book in hand. My first work includes poetry intertwined with human emotions of love, grief, loss of loved ones in a free verse equated with rhythm and sometimes my writing is breezy. You’ll find me lovable.
Social Media:
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Cover Host Welcomes Cover Artist The Cover Collection

Cover Host welcomes cover artist

The Cover Collection is a UK based design company offering low cost, high quality book covers. Having designed for those writing their first novel through to established bestselling authors, we know how to get your book noticed.

Our price includes multiple draft options (usually 7-10) and free unlimited revisions. Our turnaround time on ebook covers is invariably the same day and Createspace covers are completed within 48 hours. Our covers are provided optimised and ready for upload to all the major ebook retailers.

Completed covers are showcased in our gallery, including a link to where the author’s book can be purchased. We also help to promote all our authors via social media.

As well as self-published authors, we also work with publishers who offer book cover design as part of their services.

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Website: http://www.thecovercollection.com/

Cover Host Welcomes 29 Palms Publishing

Cover Host welcomes indie publisher

29 Palms Publishing provides up and coming and established authors the opportunity to publish their works without the high cost of the big house publishing companies. We publish fiction and non-fiction titles. Now accepting submissions.


Website:  http://www.29palmspublishing.com

Indie Limelight Author of the Day/Cover Reveal–The Rogue King by Aldrea Alien

“I am Gol Lorric, the most powerful of the serpent gods and your master.” The god’s hiss echoed in Koral’s mind. “You will learn to obey me. Oh yes, Vengeance, you will indeed. I shall teach you things like no one else can.” ~ Aldrea Alien, The Rogue King

Cover Host is pleased to put author Aldrea Alien in the Limelight and reveal the cover of her upcoming, sci-fi fantasy novel THE ROGUE KING.
Release date: 4/22/14


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“Outside is dangerous.”

Such is the warning Koral has heard for twelve years. Born a product of genetic manipulation, he knows little else of the world beyond the steel walls of his home.
When fate gives him the choice between certain death and the unknown, there’s no question in what he must choose. But he’s about to find out the sands he must brave are full of more than mere monsters.

Providing the desert doesn’t kill him first.

This is a world ruled by instinct, where innocence is drowned in blood. Here, men are offered up to the great Serpent God, Lorric, only to emerge as the most feared killers on the planet: The Rogues.

With the god’s sights set on turning Koral into a legend, he must sacrifice himself to survive and be reborn as… The Rogue King.

Genre: Sci-Fi | Fantasy

Born and raised in New Zealand, Aldrea Alien lives on a small farm with her family, including a menagerie of animals, most of which are convinced they’re just as human as the next person. 6097702

Since discovering a love of writing at the age of twelve, she hasn’t found an ounce of peace from the characters plaguing her mind.

Website: http://www.aldreaalien.com

Cover Chat with the author of The K’Barthan Trilogy

Welcome to Cover Host’s “Cover Chat” session! Today author MT McGuire will share her book cover inspiration and process for Few Are Chosen, part one from The K’Barthan Trilogy.

Where did the inspiration for your cover come from?
Mainly from the same influences as the text inside. I had a very clear idea of the kind of feel I wanted, something that would echo comic book drawings in magazines like 2000AD and 1950s and 60s B-Movie posters. facfullcoer

The 1960 posters for Day of the Triffids and Return of the Daleks pretty much summed it up, but that didn’t stop me sending the designers a 10 page briefing document. It included everything from the film posters I mentioned to drawings of the snurds (flying cars) involved and the backgrounds in the Danger Mouse cartoons. Luckily they were used to working with me.

I also wanted to do something different. I find a lot of book covers are beautifully laid out but actually, rather boring. I wanted something more than a library photograph, I wanted MY cover on MY books, if that makes any sense. I wanted it to be my answer to the hand painted Harry Potter covers, so I threw money at it. I hired a firm of designers I knew from another life when I was a marketing manager because I knew they could get inside my head and put what I could see there onto paper for me.

What was the process like choosing the perfect cover for your book?

More about the process?
The important thing, to me, was that my cover reflected certain key factors that I believed would attract me, and therefore, potential readers. So, I wanted it to do the following things:
1. To show action and excitement eg with a shot of the snurd (flying car) chase in each book.
2. To have a brand ‘look’ for the whole series.
3. For the design to contain the standard features for a cover in its genre but at the same time, stand out.
4. To reflect the influences that had gone into the book a kind of visual prompt for what readers might be getting… “if you like cheesy 1960s sci-fi, comics and b-movies you’ll like this book”
5. For the artwork to be cool enough to sell the book to people who didn’t even know what it was. Cool enough for them to think, “what a great picture, I must find out what it’s about.”
6. For readers to look it and think, “Wow! That book looks fun.”

What catches your eye when purchasing books?
Lay out: Is it clean, clear and enticing?
Colours: Are there any? If there are, it’s a big tick. I also look at how well handled they are. Too much colour everywhere can look a bit cheap.
Does it stand out? If it does, that’s the factor that first makes me pick up a book.

More about your cover?
The last thing I should say about the K’Barthan Trilogy covers is that I wanted them to be art in their own right. I wanted them to be the kind of stuff your average teenager would want to put on their bedroom wall, whether or not they liked the books. Not setting my sights too high then, phnark. I planned the overall look and feel but originally specified four characters should be chasing the magic item central to each book. There was a long pause, so I rang A Trouble Halved to see how they were getting on.

“That’s a lot of drawing,” they said.
“Expensive?” I asked.
“But you have another, cheaper idea right?”
“Yes we do.”

So the grasping hands were born!

Is your cover what you envisioned or better than you hoped it would be?
Way, way better.

To  me, the hands are more effective than whole actual people would have been. The backgrounds and the way the hands are drawn are exactly what I had in my head but couldn’t quite explain and the way they’ve done the snurds (on the back)…I would love that picture on my wall. So yeh, the folks at A Trouble Halved have done a grand job… as usual! If you want to talk to A Trouble Halved about a cover design for your book you can find them here: http://www.athdesign.co.uk/

We hope you enjoyed author MT McGuire’s “Cover Chat” today.

Special thanks to MT McGuire for sharing her experience with us for Few Are Chosen.

Website: http://hamgee.co.uk/
Blog: http://www.mtmcguire.co.uk

Amazon (wherever you are): http://Author.to/MTMcGuire
iTunes: http://bit.ly/1gXetoX
Kobo: http://bit.ly/H8GIDT
Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/16oqU5K
Website: http://hamgee.co.uk/books/few-are-chosen-2/

Social Media:
Twitter: @mtmcguireauthor
Twitter profile for easy following http://bit.ly/1a41QoT
Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1d86hC5
Goodreads: http://bit.ly/1fNn1Q4
Pintarest: http://bit.ly/1b3p0dk
Tumblr: http://bit.ly/170MG31